How We Generated 113 Leads That Converted To $119,000 In 7 Days.

Working with an Australian fitness and leisure centre during the annual boxing day sales, Kemp Digital developed a strong Facebook Ad campaign that generated 113 leads within 7 days. Using only $690 of ad spend, $119,000 in sales were made which equates to 172x return on ad spend. Keep in mind, this calculation does not include the lifetime value of a member which is 2-3 years at this particular fitness centre. 

Fitness Centre
December 31st, 2019


facebook ads gym

Facebook Ad Campaign:

facebook ads gym

Most businesses don’t understand that Facebook Ads are an auction process. Every time an ad is created on Facebook and set live against a target audience, you are entering the Facebook Auction. In a regular auction, the winner is the one with the highest bid, but this is not the case with Facebook advertising as multiple factors are involved. 

When advertising in peak seasons, the cost of Facebook Ads will increase (CPMs, CPC) because of the demand – think of the supply and demand theory. When the demand for ads is high, the average bid price will naturally increase. Advertising during Boxing Day sales can provide challenges to keeping costs low, but our strategy kept leads at just over $6. 

Here’s how we did it ⤵

Strong Offer

Researching previous campaigns of competitors in the same time period, we developed a one time offer that would cut through the noise. This became our foundation in planning and executing our strategy.  


The largest part of keeping costs low during this campaign was that we used a custom, pre-nurtured audience. We had been nurturing this audience for 2 months knowing that boxing day was approaching and costs would naturally rise. A relationship was developed between the brand and potential members through a strong content strategy and paid gamification ads.

Campaign Type

Being confident in our pre-nurtured custom audience meant that we could use a traffic campaign and guarantee this traffic would not be funky. Optimising for landing page views enabled us to receive 313 highly targeted landing page views.


Rapid fire testing the creatives allowed us to optimise the campaign fast. We used a mix of branded images that was suited for both feeds and stories with headlines that included the offer. 

Landing Page

A strategic and branded landing page was created. Above the crease included the same images, copy and offer that were included in the ads plus a lead form. Further down the page, we included more information on the fitness centre and additional lead forms. Out of 313 landing page views, 113 converted to leads which is a 36% conversion rate – 16% above industry standards.


These leads were directly sent to the sales team and were all closed within 24 hours of receiving them. This resulted in over $119,000 worth of revenue.

Take Aways

  • Making sure that there are multiple entry points on the landing page will increase lead generation.
  • Keeping the landing page as close to the ad as possible will increase conversion rates.
  • Ensuring you pre-nurture audiences prior to using traffic campaigns for lead generation. Usually we don’t advise this as a technique, but because the content strategy was so strong we were confident that the traffic would not be funky. 
  • Make sure the landing page is mobile responsive.
  • A strong offer that cuts through the noise. Giving more away in the short term will reap massive benefits in the long term. Think of the lifetime value of your customer. 

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.

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